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Tim Daley is a singer, songwriter and entertainer in Nashville. You can catch one of his shows at Tootsies Orchid Lounge on Broadway or at Tootsies inside Nashville BNA Airport. He loves taking the stage at the Worlds Famous Tootsies where so many have paved the way for live country music. He loves the history, the feel and the enthusiasm of the people who visit from all over the world. While playing at the airport, he gives visitors from everywhere a taste of Nashville even if their stay is short and they have no plans of visiting Broadway-Nashville.
While Tim is honored to play all the oldies and some newer country music he also likes to throw in some of his own. There are a many and more coming in the near future.



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Tim has many songs in the making and just waiting to be recorded. But while you are waiting please scroll down and take a look at our new download store. You can download his music right here and guess what....the money goes straight into his recording fund!

Please remember that independent artists like Tim, pay for all the recording, distribution, licensing, promotion, etc for each song that they write and record. While we want you to share it and tell your friends about it, we encourage you to pay for the download and ask your friends to do the same. Contrary, to what you may believe or have been told, streaming and internet play only pays the writers, publishers and artists pennies per 1000's of plays. Radio, CD purchases, downloads purchases and live performances are the only way for them to continue.

While Tim and others like him are very blessed to be able to do what they love, they are only able to continue to share their talent with the support of the people who listen and love it. You are the best outlet for an independent artist, so please feel free to call your local radio stations with requests and share links to his music whenever possible.

 "Bubba's Song"

In April 2018 a friend, Bubba Bellar passed away, leaving behind three young children. Tim wrote and recorded the song in his honor. All of the proceeds earned from this recording will be going to his children. This is the only place this recording will be for sale so please be generous and help with the cause. We know the song will touch your heart.

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